3D/CGI Artist: Nature

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About the Role

We are currently looking for a 3D/CGI artist with extensive experience simulating nature, such plants, flowers, trees and such, someone who can bridge the ordinary beauty and purity found in our real world, into the 3D world. You'd create highly realistic 3D models and visualizations of nature's beauty, different types of plants, flowers, meadows, as well as animations and simulations, such as plant movement in the wind, rain, different natural sceneries, from micro details to wide views of various natural exteriors.

About You

  • Can create highly realistic 3D models of plants, flowers, trees and more.
  • Can create realistic animations of the movement of plants, flowers, while respecting the realistic physical properties of natural elements.
  • Can create realistic animations of natural elements interacting with each other or with other natural elements such as dew, rain, wind, etc.
  • A showreel or portfolio showcasing your experience is required.

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