3D/CGI Artist: Foodshots

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About the Role

We are currently looking for a 3D/CGI artist with extensive experience in food and liquids. You'd create very realistic 3D models and visualizations of various types of food, as well as animations and simulations such as the movement of liquids, creams of various densities, chocolates, coffee, fruits, vegetables, plants, and much more.

About You

  • Can create highly realistic 3D models of food such as wafers, cakes, candy, chocolate, fruits and vegetables, pizza and pasta, and more.
  • Can create realistic animations of fluid movement, pouring, flowing, splashing, respecting the realistic physical properties of the materials used.
  • Can create realistic animations of fluid and solid object interactions, such as a hazelnut falling into cream, chocolate dripping on a wafer, a mint leaf floating in tea, and much more.
  • A showreel or portfolio showcasing your experience is required.

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